Despensa Quito

Despensa Quito

Rotonda Falda Del Carmen, Falda Del Carmen, Argentina, Falda del Carmen

🛍 Cafés, Seafood, Sándwiches, Café, Pez

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The pantry is a before and after in your life, not only in the relationship with nature and the gutter, but it is an experience, a passage, is the escalation of the health care of the simplest and most rich food in the world. It is the gray saint of the sanguche, it is almost mystical. enslaved 50 meters from the roundabout of the carmen skirt, you can see the pulpería (which is a pulpit without electric light) with the basics, I saw that it sells puchos and gauze, and if it is not a busy day or a weekend at the peak of time there might be some that another baquean taking a wine with soda supported in the bar while the audience that goes by broken leaves. because this is also part of the magic of quito, in the access to the right, there is another small bar, these fridge counters with two cutters and tips to go stinging those seconds that you need to prepare the order. In the cry of what you want, sir, you find the menu and say: raw, cooked, bondiola and stop counting. 7 fetishes of fiambre, another cheese, two French bowls, a generous portion of butter and already there, you will cross to the front of an improvised park to let your life pass with the best companion in the world, the sánguche de quito.

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I'm crazy about love, passion and gift. To go to this place we deviate from our way and oh, yeah, how good we did. in the panties, the photos say everything, besides putting between six and seven fetishes of fiambre and four cheese, they combine the most delicious bread that smell with butter to arm what is said a sandwich made and right. I, I think the balance of cheese-fiambre is wrong, as should be the other way, but who am I to discuss with the creators of this delicacy. It's possible that if I was asked to do it late, the people who attend you and prepare the sandwich right there on your face with all the good stuffing is super friendly. I don't remember very well what the options were, but I think you could choose between raw ham, cooked, salad and I think so. The pantry is also quite charming, there are three or four cages with birds that sing and has the old storage structure, with laaargo counter and well-high shelves.

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both for the road and for the return of all travels to the traslasierra the pantry of the pantry is an indispensable place. first because it is found of everything (e.g., bicycle patch, tail etc. and second for the best raw ham sandwich and cheese in the world: 3 cheese caps and 7 (seven! ham forms this pleasure. is located 50 mtrs from the carmen skirt on the road to cheerful forest. do not confuse the pantry with other companies that have dared to locate in the same block.